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This is a spiritual call to our ancestors who glisten like the stars in the heavens who are the umbilical link to our mountains, rivers and other sacred places whose wisdom still guides us and will continue to guide the generations yet unborn. Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Image by Aroha Mead

Andes: Image by Aroha Mead

Call of the Earth Llamado de la Tierra is an indigenous network that supports and enables indigenous peoples to reframe the discussions and negotiations on intellectual property rights and traditional knowledge that are occurring in a wide range of forum, through our own perspectives and from within our own cultures.

The preservation of indigenous peoples – our languages, territories and cultures is an inter-generational responsibility we inherited from our ancestors and are obliged to fulfill for our future generations yet unborn.

We work directly with indigenous communities and nations:

  • to halt any further misappropriation of indigenous cultural and intellectual resources and knowledge.
  • to reclaim indigenous priorities and processes for cultural transmission, governance, and development.

In so doing, we strive to develop responses at local, national, regional and international levels to any policy and legal developments that adversely impact on our tradition of preserving our cultural heritage for future generations.

Call of the Earth Llamado de la Tierra is comprised of indigenous peoples throughout the world who are experienced in cultural and intellectual property policies and laws in the context of the indigenous struggle for de-colonisation and self-determination.